Event Registration

Help your event organisers. Give them an event page to manage all aspects of their event.

Guest List Manager & RSVP

Group organisers can (completely independently of you) manage their guest lists. Email invites, fully branded with your logo and colours, get sent to each guest. They can then login and RSVP.

This makes it easy on the group organiser and whats more it ensures that your brand is in front of each and every guest not just the organiser. An increase in repeat business guaranteed!

Individual Guest Payments

The hardest part of organising a group is collecting the group members' deposits, balances and then paying you!

By enabling individual guest payments you make it really easy for the group organiser to choose you as their preferred activity supplier. This single feature will send conversions through the roof.

Chat Area

By providing the group organiser and his guests somewhere to virtually meetup, discuss and plan the event in more detail. You guarantee positive exposure of your brand.

It maximises the buzz and excitement around the upcoming event increasing group sizes and conversion rates. You'll notice an increase in repeat bookings as well because the whole group will remember and want the same tools for any events they organise.